Under the leadership of John Pepper, former VP of Finance and Administration, the Yale Asian Staff Affinity Group was created to serve as a hub for existing Yale University employees of Asian descent.   When launched in October 2006, the Asian Staff Affinity Group was expected to create opportunities of cultural awareness about its culture, beliefs and values, promote opportunities of social interactions and to assist with recruiting individuals of Asian heritage to the university. The overall expectation was to create a world class workforce which represented the diversity of the world.
At the same time, the African American Affinity Group and the Yale Latino Networking Groupwere launched, each having similar goals and objectives.  
In 2009, the Yale Asian Staff Affinity Group was rebranded to the Asian Network at Yale. 


  • 2013

    March - Executive Sponsor: Kimberly Goff-Crews, Secretary and VP for Student Life 

    August - Co-Chairs: Shirley Chock and Tammy Wu

    July - Co-Chairs: Shirley Chock and Carobe Hart 

  • 2011

    August - Logo launched

    July - Co-Chairs: Shirley Chock and Henry Kwan

    Establishment of renewable 2 year terms for Steering Committee members.
    Formation of Subcommittees and Subcommittee Co-Chair roles.

  • 2009

    Rebranded Asian Network at Yale (ANY)

    Co-Chairs: Henry Kwan and Anna Maria Hummerstone

    Formation of a Steering Committee

  • 2007

    October - Launch of the Yale Asian Staff Affinity Group.

    Founding Members: Saveena Dhall, Anna Maria Hummerstone, Liza Carriaga-Lo

    Executive Sponsors: Andrew Hamilton, Provost and Linda Lorimer, VP and Secretary

    Inaugural Reception: Presidents Room, Woolsey Hall