Event Recap: Career Development Panel Discussion - How to Take Risks, and Make New Opportunities for Yourself

November 30, 2017

ANY partnered with the AACC on Monday, November 13 to present a panel discussion on how to take risks and make new opportunities for oneself. The panelists included Shirley Chock, a veteran Yale staff member who left a secure job to start her own Taiichi business; Brandon Boyer, a former Yale graduate and staff member who now works for the start-up Circa Vector; Lin Kobayashi, a 2017 Greenberg World Fellow who transitioned from working at Morgan Stanley to founding Japan’s first international boarding high school; Du Yang, a 2017 Greenberg World Fellow who cofounded China Philanthropist Magazine and CiMedia Group, a joint venture and influential media platform for the philanthropy industry in China; and Yong Zao, the CEO and co-founder of Junzi Kitchen, whose liberal arts education in China inspired him to start his restaurant and defer his PhD studies at Yale. The panelists provided interesting insights and their very personal stories into what motivated them to take risks, the biggest challenges they faced on their journeys, the opportunities costs of having pursued the risks that they did, and how the skills that they developed at Yale benefitted them in their new careers.