Recaps: STARS Job Search & Running an Effective Meeting Workshops

January 17, 2020

STARS Job Search Workshop

Our ANY Career Development committee invited staff from Yale Human Resources to host the workshop, “STARS Job Search.” The workshop had people from all over Yale attend including staff from various departments and post-doctorates. Participants navigated the STARS website learning about job opportunities right here on campus! Our amazing HR staff also fielded questions and shared opportunities for professional development. For more event photos, go to:….

ANY & WWN - How to Run/Facilitate an Effective Meeting

Our ANY Career Development Co-Chair, Sheraz Iqbal hosted a workshop, “Running an Effective Meeting” with co-sponsorship with the Working Women’s Network affinity group. The workshop had a huge turnout with over 50 people! Participants engaged in a role-playing format learning about meeting concerns and ways to address them. A copy of the notes from this event can be found at:…