RESULTS! Cherry Blossom Trivia

April 18, 2022

Happy Hanami (flower viewing) everyone! ANY congratulates the following recipients from our drawing:

  • Gunjan Kukreja
  • Jenn Loya
  • Fani Meyerson
  • Seeyashree Sodani
  • Yue Wang

Trivia results:

  1. In 1973, coordinated by the New Haven Historic Commission in collaboration with the New Haven Parks Department and residents of the neighborhood, how many flowering cherry trees were planted in the historic Wooster Square? ANSWER: 72
  2. Sakura (桜) is the Japanese term for cherry blossoms. What do cherry blossoms symbolize? ANSWER: All of the above (Springtime, Friendship, Renewal, Transience)
  3. There are hundreds of varieties of cherry blossom trees. Which is the most popular? ANSWER: Somei yoshino (Yoshino cherry)
  4. Cherry blossoms naturally have 5 petals each. However some cultivars are bred for fuller blossoms and display more! As one of the latest blooming trees, Kikuzakura (Chrysanthemum cherry) has up to how many petals per blossom? ANSWER: 100Dense flowers with petal colors of pale crimson fading out to blush white with broad green leavesImage Source: Jovandavid, Wikimedia Commons 

  5. In New Haven, cherry blossoms typically reach peak bloom during which month? ANSWER: April
  6. Which of the following statements is false? ANSWER: Once in full bloom, the flowers last about a month. *Best viewing of the cherry blossom trees typically lasts four to seven days after peak bloom begins, but the blossoms can last for up to two weeks under ideal conditions*
  7. A very popular springtime wagashi (Japanese confectionery) is made of sweet/glutinous rice filled with red bean paste and wrapped in a salted pickled cherry leaf. Name this Japanese confection. ANSWER: Sakura Mochi or Cherry Blossom Rice Cake . *All of these answers are wonderful!*Pink-colored sticky rice ball wrapped in a soft green leafPink-colored sticky rice ball wrapped in a soft green leaf Image Source: goattreedesigns

  8. Yale’s campus features many varieties of flowering cherry trees. The most popular locations for enjoying cherry blossoms are: beneath the Harkness Tower, outside the Yale University Admissions Office, and Grove Street Cemetery. Additional locations suggested by ANY members include: area around Whitney Payne Gym and Wooster Square neighborhood.
  9. The tradition of enjoying the beautiful yet ephemeral blossoms of the cherry trees is called hanami (花見), a Japanese word which literally means “flower viewing.” These outdoor gatherings, often picnics under the trees, can be with family, friends, neighbors, or colleagues, taking place during the day or night. Who is photographed here enjoying his hanami? ANSWER: Handsome Dan XIX *Including all of these name variations*

Bulldog dressed in a bowtie sitting while gazing up at pink cherry blossomsImage Source: Muttography & Co.