Your Vote Matters & How To Vote Infographic

ANY How To Vote Infographic
August 4, 2020

It isn’t too late to get out there and vote. The Asian Network at Yale (ANY) wants to share a quick infographic on how you can get involved with Connecticut’s Presidential Preference Primary on August 11th! Feel free to follow the instructions to help ensure you can vote, even during COVID-19. 

ANY wants to make sure our communities not only know how to vote, but the importance of voting, as well. We can make change by electing our officials at the national, state, and local levels to make an impact.

The ANY Ad-Hoc Pledge Committee was started in response to police brutality and the injustices happening to the Black community. In addition to making a statement, we wanted to make a pledge, and commit to the initiatives and actions we stated. Through this, we have created our civic engagement team to help spread awareness on how our community can get involved in government to make a change.