Event Recap - Book Club

July 31, 2020

ANY & YAAA Book Club “Your House Will Pay” (April 28th) 

This was our first online book club discussion. The partnership with Yale African American Affinity Group brought a crowd of 20 people both newcomers and returning book clubbers. The diverse group discussed Steph Cha’s newest novel and took time to genuinely understand a different viewpoint than their own. For those who missed it, we encourage you to read this novel as it delves into the intersection of Black and Asian communities, police brutality and history.  

ANY & DAY Book Club “Persepolis” (June 30th) 

This was our second online book discussion. We partnered with DiversAbility at Yale for a discussion of this rich and beautifully illustrated story of Marjane Satrapi and Iran’s history. Frances Osugi gave the group insight into some of the ways Satrapi used art to support and visualize the words. For those who missed it, stay tuned for a screening of “Persepolis” the film in the coming months.