Spotlight: Svetlana Vassilieva

November 5, 2018

Meet Svetlana Vassilieva, Co-Chair for the newly formed Well-Being Committee at the Asian Network at Yale (ANY)!

What do you do at Yale? 

I work as a Sr. Clinical Research Specialist at the department of Radiology & Biomedical Imaging managing complex clinical trials. I have spent the last 12 years developing my skills to oversee all the stages of clinical trials where I was recognized for outstanding contribution and was promoted twice in my department. I love running industry-sponsored projects and building relationships with management teams. Business development is an important part of any organization: networking and identifying potential contacts with the sponsor to secure funds is my favorite part of my current job. Innovation and Development is my passion.

What excited you about joining the Affinity Groups at Yale?

I like to meet new people and learn about diversity and different cultures.  I served as a  co-chair for Asian Network at Yale’s (ANY) Career Development Committee in 2015-2017 and will be working as a co-chair of ANY’s newly formed Well-Being Committee for the next 2 years.

What do you hope to plan for the upcoming year for people interested in their well-being and work-life balance?

I hope to make people aware of all of the advantages and benefits that Yale offers. We plan to partner with Yale’s Working Women’s Network (WWN), and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion to run some programs together and also to disseminate the events that are already taking place. Fitstyle walking tours, tai chi at lunchtime, and health topics are already on the agenda.

What do you see as one of the challenges of working in a large community such as Yale?

From my perspective, one of the challenges of working in a large community is effective communication. How do we make sure that we assign similar meanings to a message, listen carefully to what has been said, and make the sender feel heard and understood Effective communication should also facilitate information-sharing between company employees. It can substantially contribute to the success of a company.

What advice do you have for new arrivals at Yale and how can people build community?

I would advise new employees to find a way to contribute to the community.

What is a trubochki?

It’s my favorite homemade dessert! They are light and crispy wafers filled with dulce de leche: Вафельные Трубочки.