Tandem Language Café - SPRING 2016 APPLICATION

February 12, 2016

The Tandem Language Café is a free, student-run program that will pilot at Yale in Spring 2016. It is open to all members of the Yale community (students, faculty and staff) and is designed to foster intercultural communication and understanding on campus through enhanced foreign language acquisition. Participants meet in pairs on a weekly basis for 8 weeks (from February 22nd to April 29th, excluding spring break) and practice the language they seek to improve in exchange for their native language, spending half the time speaking in each language and guiding their conversations with suggested activities from the Tandem Handbook. Tandem participants can be part of the program by attending 1) Group Meetings, where pairs of students attend a weekly facilitated session by Volunteer Facilitators at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, or 2) Independent Meetings, where partners meet independently outside of the scheduled sessions and are supported with weekly emailed activities and the guidance from the Volunteer Facilitators. For more information please email tandemyale@gmail.com.


STEP 1: Complete this application form by February 15th, 5 PM

STEP 2: Come IN PERSON to Kroon Hall, Room 103 to sign the participation agreement by February 15th, 5PM. Applications that do not complete this step WILL NOT be processed

****ELIGIBILITY: - Yale student (undergrad/grad), faculty, staff, or spouse - Basic knowledge of English - Basic conversational level in the language you are seeking to improve or practice. You must have at least some basic knowledge of the language(s) you want to improve. For instance, you must be able to introduce yourself, say “I want…”, “I need…”, “I can…”, and ask for help (e.g. “How do you say…?”) - Committed to meeting tandem partner for 1.5 hours every week for 8 weeks

****NOTES ABOUT THE REGISTRATION FORM: - To offer a language, you do not have to be a native speaker (although it is preferable). If you are confident in speaking the language, then you can definitely help someone else! No teaching experience required - just enthusiasm! Activities and support are provided by a facilitator. - The number of languages offered/sought is limited to two, however some exceptions will be made for native trilingual speakers - If you offer more languages, and list more languages that you want to improve, then you have more chances to find a partner. However, you will be matched with only one partner.

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