World Fellows Night offers students chance to meet ‘amazing role models’ from across the globe

September 9, 2016

The Maurice R. Greenberg World Fellows Program will host its annual World Fellows Night at Horchow Hall on Thursday, Sept. 15, offering Yale students an opportunity to be inspired by a group of passionate individuals from across the globe who are leaders in their chosen fields.

“The World Fellows serve as amazing role models for Yale students,” Emma Sky, director of the program, said. “They come from all over the world. Their work covers a diverse range of disciplines, and yet in their own way, they each contribute to making the world a better place.”

Part of Yale’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, the program brings 16 accomplished, mid-career, professionals to campus for a four-month fellowship in which they contribute to Yale’s intellectual life, collaborate with peers, and mentor students.

The class of 2016 fellows includes a Syrian human rights activist; a British diplomat and former refugee; a Somali-born doctor whose work provides housing, medical care, and education to hundreds of families; and an Austrian expert on climate change.

“The risk in this type of program is you simply attract global elites,” Sky said. “We dig much, much further. We attract people who come from very modest backgrounds but have had meteoric rises and made huge contributions to society. This cohort is a very good mixture of people.”

Each fellow is assigned four student liaisons — a mix of undergraduate and graduate students who provide the fellows specific support, such as coordinating publicity, and arranging events, and social activities.

World Fellows Night, which begins at 5:30 p.m., is a chance for members of the Yale community to meet the fellows and learn about their backgrounds and potentially find opportunities for collaboration. All are invited

Horchow Hall is located at 55 Hillhouse Ave. Please RSVP here:

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